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Home of OG Phyto, Southern Californias finest phytoplankton.

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OG Reefs is committed to bring you the finest phytoplankton for your marine aquarium. I grow each phyto strain individually in small batches to assure the best quality. 

Orders recieved before 5:00pm will ship the next day. Our shipping days are Monday-Thursday. Orders that come in after 5:00pm on Wednesday will be shipped on Monday

OG Phyto is also available at Ocean Aquatics in Redlands

OG Pods

OG Pods
OG Pods
OG Pods

OG Phyto

Live phytoplankton that is grown in small batches and harvested weekly to assure the best quality

Marine Water Clarifier

OG Sno is designed to keep your water sparkling clear. It will bind to small particles in your water column that cause yellow tint. Once OG Sno binds to these particles, it is easily removed by your tanks mechanical filtration and your skimmer. It will also bind to coral food which allows corals to capture more food. OG Snow will cause temporary cloudiness while it works and it takes a very small amount (1ml/25 gallons) for it to be effective. OG Snow parallels the effects of activated carbon

About OG Reefs

Everardo Trujillo

Owner of OG Reefs LLC

In 2020 I moved to an area with less than ideal water quality for a reef tank. My corals looked really bad and I lost all my sps. I started dosing live phytoplankton and it helped my LPS and softies hold on long enough until I found the issue. I was buying phytoplankton from a big brand name until they sent me phytoplankton that was barely tinted green. After that I started to grow my own. I bought some generic starter cultures and was successful in growing them. After I bought my first microscope and found out that the strains I bought were not pure. I started buying lab grade cultures and it really made a difference. My aquarium started to look good again and my corals were super happy. I started sharing my phyto mix with friends and they saw the same results I was getting. After that I started selling to local reefers. My mission became to provide the freshest and darkest (high density) phytoplankton. About a year later OG Phyto gained some traction and two local fish stores started to carry it for their customers. From that point there has been a lot of support from the local reefing community which led to the beginning of OG Reefs LLC in November 2022.

It's been, truly, a humbling experience. Thanks to everyone for your continued support.

Jurupa Valley, CA