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Home of OG Phyto, Southern Californias finest phytoplankton.

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OG Reefs is committed to bring you the finest phytoplankton for your marine aquarium. I grow each phyto strain individually in small batches to assure the best quality. 

Orders recieved before 5:00pm will ship the next day. Our shipping days are Monday-Thursday. Orders that come in after 5:00pm on Wednesday will be shipped on Monday

OG Phyto is also available at Ocean Aquatics in Redlands

About OG Reefs

Everardo Trujillo

Owner of OG Reefs LLC

In 2020 I moved to an area with less than ideal water quality for a reef tank. My corals looked really bad and I lost all my sps. I started dosing live phytoplankton and it helped my LPS and softies hold on long enough until I found the issue. I was buying phytoplankton from a big brand name until they sent me phytoplankton that was barely tinted green. After that I started to grow my own. I bought some generic starter cultures and was successful in growing them. After I bought my first microscope and found out that the strains I bought were not pure. I started buying lab grade cultures and it really made a difference. My aquarium started to look good again and my corals were super happy. I started sharing my phyto mix with friends and they saw the same results I was getting. After that I started selling to local reefers. My mission became to provide the freshest and darkest (high density) phytoplankton. About a year later OG Phyto gained some traction and two local fish stores started to carry it for their customers. From that point there has been a lot of support from the local reefing community which led to the beginning of OG Reefs LLC in November 2022.

It's been, truly, a humbling experience. Thanks to everyone for your continued support.

Jurupa Valley, CA